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Automated Turntable

For the production of "Love's Labor's Lost" at San Diego State University, Josh served as "Head of Automation" and was tasked with designing, installing and programing a 8' Turn Table for the production. For programing Josh used Spikemark by Creative Conners. The following gallery is selected progress photos with final photos and demonstration.

Roll Drop - Curtian

For the production "Steel Pier" at San Diego State University, Josh served as the Technical Director and worked with the shop team to design and create a manual roll drop to mask the band during the production. The following galley is process shots and final results 

The Spotify Bench 

For this project Josh was tasked to make a piece of furniture that was able to be assembled with minimal fasteners to practice layout design on a CNC Router Machine. Josh Made a shoe bench with a scannable Spotify code.

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